Using the Lido

  • The pool will be heated to between 24-26 degrees
  • The price to book a 1-hour wave will be £7 including the booking fee and £5 for a concession (includes child under 16, students, disabled, over 63, unemployed). If you fail to bring proof of concession to your swim, you will be required to pay full price

1. Booking a swimming slot

    • Click the following link to book a swimming slot with Eventbrite:
    • Read & accept the terms and conditions of swimming at Sandford Parks Lido
    • This will also capture your contact details, complying with the government's Track and Trace scheme
    • Ensure a confirmation email has been sent and either print off the QR code for registration or keep on your phone
    • A limited number of walk-in spaces will be left available for those who do not have access to the internet to book a swim session

    2. Coming to the Lido

    • To reduce time spent at the Lido, please follow the rules below:
      1. For check-in, try to arrive 20 minutes before your allotted wave.
      2. Late arrivals, i.e. after the wave has started will not be permitted entry.
      3. Pay for your car parking at the Lido pay machine (Please use pay by phone, or credit card contactless, where possible) and use the sanitising station by each machine after use.
      4. Whilst we ask you not to bring valuables on site (including mobile phones), in exceptional circumstances, we are able to offer limited storage in the reception area at your own risk – please ask for details if required.
      5. Arrive ready to swim, preferably in your swim wear and appropriate clothing to save time before you enter the pool. (disabled changing can be made available for those that require it please let a member of staff know).
      6. Lockers will not be available, but outdoor showers and changing cubicles will be available to use after your swim. Please shower at home pre-wimming to help us maintain water quality and hygiene.
      7. When the session time is finished the lifeguard will blow the whistle for all to exit the pool – please exit promptly.
      8. You will then have 15 minutes to change & exit the site.
      9. The staff will have a further 20 minutes to thoroughly clean the site before the next session.

    3. Whilst at the Lido

      • Queue to the left-hand side of the Lido (No priority entry to season ticket holders) ensuring you follow the social distancing guidelines put in place by Sandford Parks Lido.
      • Have your booked QR code available for a member of staff to scan and confirm your entry to the site and to receive a wristband.
      • If you require valuables to be stored (at your own risk), now is the time to ask a member of staff.
      • Once given entry into the site, walk through the left-hand gate and keep left, walking towards the lawn following any signs and arrows around the site. Please follow the one-way signs around the site.
      • The lawn (or verandas on wet days) is the changing space.
      • Swimmers must change (undress) and make their way to the pool - When changing please use a towel to keep covered and respect other users of the site.

      4. Entry, Exit & Pool Etiquette

      • Entry into the pool must be made through the large middle steps. Please sanitise your hands prior to entry.
      • Swimmers can then move into the correct lane for their speed.
      • To exit the pool, please use the side ladders where possible, but you may also use the large middle steps. Please be mindful of other pool users entering the pool this way.
      • You will then be able to return to your belongings, paying particular attention to the one-way system marked out in order to change and exit the site as quickly as you are able.
      • When swimming, as a good rule of thumb, allow a 5 second gap before setting off. This is because, when moving, your safe distance is calculated, not only with the spacing but the velocity by which you are travelling.
      • Choose your lane using the fast, medium and slow signs and by watching those already swimming and compare to your swimming ability. If you are not sure of your swim speed, enter a slow lane and move up accordingly.
      • The maximum number of swimmers per single lane is 10 and per double lane is 20. This will be regulated by the Lido Team.
      • Please follow the directional signs and move across to the appropriate side of the lane for each length, keeping as close to the lane ropes as possible.
      • Swim up one side of the lane (follow the black line on the bottom of the pool) - ensure you follow the directional signs for each lane.
      • Wherever possible, do not swim to the end of the pool as this will cause bunching up and will compromise safe distancing.
      • If you require a rest, please ensure you are standing behind the black T (on the bottom of the pool) to allow enough space for the other swimmers to pass. Please also limit your rest period, where possible to allow other swimmers to rest.
      • If you change to a slower stroke, please consider moving to a slower lane.

      Please respect others!

      1. People of different standards and abilities will use the pool. Please respect their right to enjoy their swim.
      2. Do not make physical contact with other participants.
      3. Please be cautious and courteous towards all staff and users of the Lido and keep your 2m distance.

      Please see the video below to see our one-way shower system