Pool Hire

Children's Pool Parties

We are pleased to be offering exclusive use of the Children’s Pool on weekends as well as during the school holidays. Please note the maximum number of swimmers is 30 (including adults and children), however, you may have up to 45 people in your group including spectators. Each booking costs £95 and lasts for 55 minutes. You are welcome to bring your own food/drinks (no glass please) or you can purchase refreshments from our cafe. Party food packages will be available to order directly from The Meadow Cafe. All party agreements and conditions are subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions, so please be aware of this at the time of booking.

Please note that refunds can only be issued in the event of an extreme weather warning, but where possible we will transfer your booking to another date. Refunds cannot be given for cancellations.

    The Children's Pool is 0.5-0.8m deep and is designed for children up to aged 8. By making this booking you are confirming that you will adhere to any Covid-19 guidelines set out by the Government, as well as the site and pool rules set out by Sandford Parks Lido. You will be contacted by Sandford Parks Lido if a Covid-related issue arises and it is the lead booker’s responsibility to inform all of the private hire attendees.


    Half Pool Hire (Main Pool)

    This year we are offering exclusive hire for half of the main pool on Saturday mornings! Organisers will be allowed on site from 9:45am and guests may enter from 10am. Entry to the pool will be granted as soon as our staff have safely taken the lane ropes out (10:10am latest).

    • Bookings allow for up to 50 people including both adults and children
    • Both slides will be open
    • Normal pool rules apply - no hard balls and all inflatables must be kept in the shallow end
    • Normal ratios apply and any non-swimmers and all under 8s must be accompanied by an adult in the water
    • Prices start from £110
    • Option 1 - Includes hire of half of the main pool until 11am plus access to the Open Swim session, your party may remain on site anytime until 2pm
    • Option 2 - Includes hire of half of the main pool until 11am and then leave site by 11:30am

    Please be aware, an adult swim club will be using the other half of the pool until 11am. Please respect their training session and keep your party and any inflatables/balls away from the lanes.