Cold Water Tips!

Essential Tips to Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Cold Water Swim

Cold Water Swimming Information

Age Restrictions Swimmers must be 16+ to take part in cold water swimming at the Lido
Speak to your GP We advise before swimming if you have any medical issues or concerns to speak to your GP.
Don't Ignore Signs of Illness If you’re not feeling 100%, please don’t come to the pool. We are doing everything we can to avoid spread of germs & it is not safe to cold water swim when ill.
Wear a Swim hat and bring warm clothing A swimming cap will really help to keep you warm, however as the water gets colder, we would also recommend wearing a wetsuits if you have one. Warm clothing for after is a must to allow your body to return to its original temperature.
Don't jump straight into the pool The temperature of the water can be a shock to the body, please slowly lower yourself into the pool to allow your body to acclimatise.
Regulate your Breathing Breathing when in cold water can be more difficult. So take a few moments to get your breath back, before you start swimming
Look after each other If you see anyone you’re worried about, please tell the lifeguards, whether the person is in the water or out.
Get Dry and Dress Quickly As soon as you exit the pool, we recommend wrapping yourself in a towel or changing robe & getting dressed as soon as possible. Bring a spare towel or a mat to stand on while you get changed to avoid direct floor contact.
Drink a hot drink Getting yourself a hot and sugary drink is the best way to warm yourself up. Castaways Cafe will be open for hot drinks and limited hot food.
Dont go home until you have warmed up Make sure you’ve warmed up before driving or riding a bike home. We want to make sure you are safe before heading home. Our staff & the café staff will be available if you require any assistance.
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