Lease Renewal - Latest News!

by Sandford Parks Lido

Lease Renewal - Latest News!

Public Statement

Many of you have been asking about the renewal of our current lease with Cheltenham Borough Council. The current contractual arrangements with the Council continues until the 31st March 2021. It will then automatically roll forward unless it is renewed or terminated by the Council.

For the last 20 years we have been self-funding and have taken on full responsibility for the management repair and maintenance of the facilities. However, it is clear that facilities are in need of further investment which will require grant assistance. In order to plan for the future and in particular to progress projects such as the changing room/ toilets/shower refurbishment we need the certainty of a longer lease.

To facilitate such a lease renewal, we have been working closely with Cheltenham Borough Council and local Councillors to ensure the Lido continues to thrive within our community.

Following a consultant led investigation we are now able to confirm that Officers, Councillors, Consultants and our Trustees are meeting on Monday 12th November to discuss the terms for a new lease.

Our aim is to seek a further long term lease on similar terms to the existing lease. Such a lease will enable us to continue to invest in our much loved and valued Cheltenham asset, thus securing its future for generations to come and, hopefully, avoid any need for council funding.

We will keep you informed of our progress over the winter period.