Lease renewal update 23 August 2019

by Fabia Garau

Lease renewal update 23 August 2019

Thank you for all your messages of support, they have strengthened our resolve to settle matters promptly, highlighting the fact that Sandford Parks Lido means so much to so many. We have provided the requested further information to Cheltenham Borough Council (“CBC”) and we are waiting for a response over the coming week.

One of the documents CBC have asked us to provide are details on Sandford Parks Lido’s role in the community, its public benefit and contribution to social value. The Trustees have taken the decision to share this with you, our members, as well. Although this is by no means a definitive list, we see it as a working document, that will continue to grow with us.

Please click here to access it.

We would welcome your comments or questions on this document, by emailing us at:

The Trustees will be meeting again during the first week of September to review the council’s response and we will keep you informed.

Thank you once again for your support.

From the Trustees of Sandford Parks Lido