A Message from our Trustees

by Sandford Parks Lido

A Message from our Trustees

Dear Sandford Parks Lido Community,

Firstly I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well and you are all keeping safe. As we continue to live in this challenging period, it’s important to reflect on what really matters and focus on your families and friends.

I’m writing to you today to provide an update from our email of 18 March when we gave you the sad news that the opening date for the upcoming season will be put back due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Over the last week the Trustees and Senior Management at the Lido have met a number of times to scenario plan for what is an unknown future for everyone. We are focusing on two things:

What matters: Our goal as trustees is and will always remain to ensure the long-term viability of Sandford Parks Lido as a facility, our employees wellbeing and our users so they can continue to enjoy the Lido. As swimmers and visitors ourselves, we are all very disappointed with the delayed opening.

What we can control: The government’s announcement on Friday 20 March saw the compulsory shut down of all leisure facilities, which only supports our earlier decision to delay opening of the Lido. We will always comply with government advice on the matter and will share with you updates, when we are able to. Some things are out of our control, but we must continue to direct our attention to what we are able to influence and manage.

The Car Park: As many will be aware the car park income is important for the Charitable Operations of the Lido. Notwithstanding that the Car Park is to be made available for the NHS staff. More information on how NHS staff can access this facility will follow.

A small group of Trustees will continue to meet at least weekly and others remotely to reassess the dynamic situation. As a charity we have managed the Lido’s finances very prudently over the last 25 years, but truthfully this delay to opening is perhaps the worst timing, coming off the back of a significant maintenance program during the closed season, including the replacement of whole main boiler systems.

I look forward to hopefully sharing with you soon some more positive news, but in the meantime, please keep in touch and remain healthy.

Please note that all members who have purchased season tickets for the 2020 season should have received a members-specific email about their options - please email members@sandfordparkslido.org.uk if you have not received this.

Kind Regards

Chairperson of the Trustees