Opening Weekend Update

by Sandford Parks Lido

Opening Weekend Update

Very sadly it's likely the pool water will not be up to full temperature for our opening weekend.

Whilst our cold water swimmers will delight in this announcement we know this will bring a certain amount of disappointment to those of you looking forward to a normal heated swim at the lido this coming weekend.

Problems with the planned maintenance and re-installation of our main pumps mean they will not be back heating the water until tomorrow, later than we had hoped and planned for. We can assure you that the heating will be on full blast and with our new pool covers we will get the pool temperature up as soon as possible.

The 2p entry fee will still apply to this Saturday, but we will also run this offer on Saturday 2nd April.

All public swim sessions in both pools planned from the 26th March will remain available, we have also opened bookings online for the next two weeks if you wish to reschedule your visit. Season ticket holders are still welcome to join us for a pre-season swim on Friday 25th.

Follow us on social media or check our website for daily temperature announcements.

*EDIT: 27th March - both pools are now up to their full temperatures! The main pool will be maintained between 24-26°C and the children’s pool is 30°C.