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Cheltenham Triathlon

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Hi all

We hope preparations are going well ahead of the Cheltenham Triathlon in just over three weeks time! We’re delighted to have sold out all spaces and are looking forward to the plans coming together in mid-September, the support for the Lido and for the LINC fund is amazing and goes a long way to making a difference.

This may be a bit of a lengthy, so please bear with me, grab a cup of tea and make yourselves comfortable before trawling through the details. It’s all important info ahead of the day and a few bits in here you may want to think about or ask me about beforehand.

Pick your race number and race with your mates
Firstly, I am happy to offer to you to select your own race numbers, for the first time with our events. As I am obviously about to receive a hundred emails with this request, can you list your three numbers in the order of preference and not be too offended if I don’t reply acknowledging this! The numbers can be anywhere between 1-560 (despite having 480 entries, an oversite with the numbers order!). I am also happy to assign friends and families into a lane together, where possible and sensible to our plans. Capacity for each lane is six so if you would like to do this as well, please let me know the names of everyone in your group. Deadline for all of these special requests is Monday 4th September. After which I will be assigning these numbers, lanes etc. and sending these details out along with a safety briefing.

Route maps and number of laps
Route maps can be accessed by clicking the following links:Standard Distance Triathlon Cycle & Run
Sprint Triathlon Cycle & Run
SuperSprint Triathlon Cycle & Run

You will need to complete 2 laps of each for the Sprint, 1 lap of each for the SuperSprint and for the Standard Distance you will need to complete 5 bike laps, 4 run laps. This has changed slightly since we planned the event, as the cycle route was far too short of 40km on 4 laps. You are responsible for counting your own laps and please observe the route maps, where mount and dismount is on College Bath Roads you will need to go past the junction to continue your laps, you do not need to return down this and complete a u-turn! A mistake that has been made a few times in the past.

Safety briefing, FAQs and pre-race letter
Attached to this email is a pre-race letter, which details some good info to have to hand both on the day, in the build-up. It is worth having a read through to familiarise yourself with timings and plans. There is also a frequently asked questions document which should be handy to look through as well.

I will send out a video safety briefing in a couple of weeks time, this is to replace the on-site safety brief before each start so you must watch this prior to getting started in your own time at home. Hopefully, we can get this set-up at the Lido on the morning so anyone that misses it can access it, but you shouldn’t rely on this incase we can’t muster up the appropriate tech!

That’s all for now, I will be in touch again soon and any issues or questions please give me a shout!

See you soon!



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Today, we’re celebrating our commitment to sustainability at Sandford Parks Lido.

We are continuing to strive towards reducing emissions, cutting waste, and safeguarding water, whilst also preserving the historic charm and cherished experiences of our beloved Lido. 

This winter we have repaired a leak in our children’s pool, installed inverters on our heritage pumps and installed pipe work so we can divert water away from the fountain at night and go directly to the pool, thus reducing heat loss.

And thanks to the Sports England Swimming Pool Support Fund and support from CBC’s Cheltenham Zero Community Grant, we’re set to achieve the third stage of our decarbonisation plan at Sandford Parks Lido.

With this funding, we’ll be purchasing a new pool cover for the children’s pool and installing solar PV panels in the Lido car park. 

But that’s not all…

We’re also committed to enhancing energy efficiency with EV charging points and improvements for pedestrian and cyclist safety and accessibility. 

Your support is crucial in making Sandford Parks Lido a beacon of eco-friendly innovation. To get involved and show your support towards a greener, more sustainable future for Sandford Parks Lido, view and comment on our planning application by clicking the link in our bio.

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